Mr. Sjoquist News for the week

Hi I'm Mr. Sjoquist This is test page I'm NOT a TEACHER YET BUT SOON  I Love Math Class

I tech Math 1st and 3rd Hour this tri and PE Gym for 4-6th hours and prep 2nd hour!! I Try to give EC to my students daiy for math easy are worth 3pts for each and harder quiestions are worth 2pts and easy questions are worth 1pt BUT Sometimes I will tell your students how many pts it is worth so try to get them done thank you Mr. Sjoquist Smile

I will always Update my webpage for homework Assignments and Upcoming test so please check my wepage everyday for assignments and upcoming test and infomation

We will be Jumping aroud in the Book so LOOK at the page and the Quiz and test will be on here on my website so you know when they are about 3 days BUT there is some popQuiz!!!!

Homework Assignments HomeWork

Hour 1 Algebra

Monday- No School

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- Page 492 #4-38 Everyother Even  EC #59 3pts

Thursday-  Page 498 #3-19 odd SW (show work) EC #53 3pts

Friday- Game Day Learing a NEW game by Father Calson NO HW

Hour 3 Pre-Algebra

Monday- No School 

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- Page 388 # 8, 10, 13, 15, 18-20 EC 22 for 2pts

Thursday-  Page 394 #12-16 17-31odds

Friday- Game Day Learing a NEW game by Father Calson NO HW


Hour 1-

Hour 3- 

PE Gym Class

Starting Basketball we are doing freethrow contest and basketball will go till Feb. 7th. On Friday Jan. 21st and the next Friday Father Calson will be with us Yehh!!!Smile 

News and other Information

  • if there is a wind chill of -40 or lower there will NOT be Class that day Stay warm!!!!
  • There is a Free throw at Epiphany on Staurday Jan. 29th at 9-10am
  • There is BINGO at Epiphany Tomorrow from 6-8pm in the school GYM!!!BINGO
  • Last day of Tri 2 is March 10th and there is No School on the 11th of March!!