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How to judge high-quality embroidery machine embroidery products

1. The bottom line is smooth to debug, and the product looks smooth and flat. The bottom line should occupy 1/3 of the total width of the flat needle.

2. The pattern stitching is applied properly, and the lines must be round and thick.

3. The upper thread should be trimmed clean, and the paper and wax paper should be torn off. The  high speed embroidery machine bottom thread should be kept 5-8mm in length.

4. Make sure that the cut pieces are highly tidy and free from stains.

5. The color line, position, front and back, and pattern should refer to the customer board and must be correct.

6. After the design of the pattern is finished, the rationality and perfection of the pattern must be checked to ensure the production progress and product quality.

6-1. Pattern angle, horizontal, centering and verticality.

6-2. The overall size of the pattern and the size ratio of each embroidery object.

6-3. Rationalization of color order among embroidery objects.

6-4. The stitching of the pattern, the thickness of the flat needle and the density of the stitch pitch.

6-5. Check whether the starting point of the flower pattern and flower position are consistent.

6-6. The stitch angle of the embroidery object and the design of the entrance and exit.

6-7. Attributes of embroidery objects and the status of trimming and  cap embroidery machineconnection between embroidery objects.

6-8. Needle drop slack at the end of the embroidery object.

6-9. Cancel the stitch length less than 0.5mm in the pattern to reduce the chance of thread breakage in embroidery production.

6-10. Fully consider the relationship between the nature of the piece (the length of the pile, the elasticity of the cloth, the thickness of the cloth) and the embroidery pattern, and express the best embroidery effect with the least stitches.