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"Fake News?" Some isn't 'fake', but it may be biased or 'have an angle' - how to protect yourself? Interesting article to help you think about it and get you started being a better consumer of information: Look for 'lateral searching'.


Check out the Classroom News page on this website for contest opportunities and congratulations for various accomplishments - you can report yourself or a friend can report you to get accolades.

Khan Academy has put out a great resource for those of you looking at how to attack the college admissions process. Check it out!



Students and parents who want to donate through the PACE (Partners to Achieve Classroom Excellence) I have forms in my classroom and attached below to print out. We do not receive funding for many things like maps and we do not get new media DVD and like). I appreciate any donation you would like to make. Additionally, in class we always need lots of facial tissues, white board cleaner, sanitizer, and college ruled paper.



As Promised - Coding games to learn how to code & have fun too! Python, Java, Holiday card, games, phone apps. dig through and enjoy! NOTE: to work properly you must use Google Chrome or Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9.5 or higher. They recommend Chrome.

Angry birds and other programming learning games are on the first link.

Project greeting card is on the second link along with drawing programming.


Destiny and Destiny Quest - new resources at our library:

A “one-stop shop”! Access our online card catalog to view books in our library collection, as well as access our online e-Sources!

Video 1: Destiny Classic

Video 2: Destiny Quest


All students: be familiar with what PLAGIARISM is at Use the infomation to keep you out of trouble (zeros on papers, academic dishonesty violations in your records, and at the college level - getting kicked out). Great service to have your papers checked for plagiarism and grammar!



If you have a library card for the Sarasota Library System, you can use Overdrive to download audio books of many popular titles. You can download to IPODS, PC’s, MP3 players

FYI: Anyone can google facts these days, so no one needs to hire you for being able to simply spew back facts. You need to be able to manipulate, analyze, discuss, organize and figure out what you can dowith those facts.

Please take note regarding homework:

The Homework assignments are noted on this web site as well as on the board in class and are brought to the students' attention. Do not make excuses when you do not write down the homework in class or take a picture of it with your phone -that you did not see it on the web site or the board. You can call other students to get the homework or text them or Snap and etc. as well. Students who are absent are always welcome to e-mail me about the homework.


Condiotte Class Schedule: Portable 18

Periods: 1, 2 Psych I; Psych II

Periods: 3, 6 8th gr US; and

Period 4:  FLVS / Holocaust Studies.