Kitah Vav

Students in Kitah Vav (grade 6) have Judaics during the first session (9:30-11) and Hebrew second session (11-12:30).


Kitah Vav, Hebrew, with Morahs Cindy & Rose



Kitah Vav, Judaics, with Morah Q

Our madrichim are Sophi Levy and Ben Sherry.

10/22 Judaics: Today we learned how to look up certain things in the Tanakh (TNK). We looked at the lines that tell us about the fall holidays in the Torah. We reviewed creation: Avram and Sarah. Parents, you can follow up with your child b asking anything about the TNK (Jewish bible).

10/22 Hebrew: Today in class we talked about Simchat Torah and watched a video on how a sofer (scribe) creates a Torah. Check out the video below! We also said a blessing for rain--given the weather it was very appropriate! We continued to work on our mitkadem, with each student on their individual level.

Parents, ask your kids what ramah (level) your child is on in Hebrew, and what they are learning. Also, ask them about how a Torah is written (sofer). Check out the video with your child for a refresher!