Kitah Zayin

Students in Kitah Zayin (grade 7) have Judaics during the first session (9:30-11) and Hebrew second session (11-12:30).

Kitah Zayin, Judaics, with Moreh Grunblatt

Our madricha is Sasha Fraser.

Kitah Zayin, Hebrew, with Morah Barbara

Our Madrich is Noah Lortie.

10/22 Judaics: TOday w reveiwed Genesis 12: 1-4, Lech L'cha, Abraham's order to go, and his blessings. Parents, you can follow up with your child by talking about family names in Hebrew, and in ancestral languages. Ask how to pronounce "doom." We will revisit "journey" as a concept next week and begin Cain and Abel. Please remember tzedakah.

10/22 Hebrew: We discussed the morning and evening prayers and comparted the two to find similarities. We also talked about decision making and the consequences that follow. Parents, you can talk to your child about feelings regarding the idea of G-d and faith.