Instructional Environment

Effective Instructional Environment

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Classroom Rules

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  • Established the first day of school
  • A combination of rules predetermined by the teacher and rules determined by the students
  • Additional rules are added throughout the year when needed
  • Always visibly posted on the classroom wall

Behavior Management System

  • Consistently enforced consequences for misbehavior
  • Colored coded behavior tracking system
  • End of the day student behavior tracking is recorded on a behavior log
  • Green (good day)- all student name clips begin on green everyday
  • Orange (strike 1, warning)- first infraction for misbehavior
  • Yellow (strike 2)- time out in the classroom, student completion of a time out report that must be taken home and signed by a parent, loss of recess for 1 day, 1 demerit against schoolwide discipline plan
  • Red (strike 3)- time out in another classroom, student completion of a time out report that must be taken home and signed by a parent, loss of recess for the remainder of the week, additional 2 demerits against schoolwide discipline plan, parent contacted by phone

School Wide Discpline Plan

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  • Infractions- 1. Disrupting others     2. Breaking line    3. Gum chewing    4. Hallway/restroom/cafeteria misbehavior      5.  Name calling     6. No homework      7.  Not following directions      8. Not prepared     9. Not seated when asked      10. Refusal/failure to do class work      11. Repetitive behaviors (tapping, pencil sharpening, etc.)    12. Talking out of turn, excessively, or loudly      13. Throwing paper       14.  Out of uniform dress code
  • 3 demerits- time out
  • 6 demerits- time out
  • 9 demerits- afterschool detention
  • 12 demerits- 1 day of in school suspension
  • 15 demerits- 2 days of in school suspension
  • 18 demerits- administration referral

Reward System

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  • "Caught Being Good" coins
  • Students recieve a coin token for displaying the following positive behaviors: following directions, peer tutoring, remaining on task during work time and at center stations, and participating in class
  • 5 coins= a trip to the classroom treasure box (school supplies, books, candy, and toys)

Routines and Procedures

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  • Maintain a well ordered environment 
  • Established and practiced daily until mastery during the first week of school
  • Consists of: classroom jobs, center station expectations, rotation precedures for moving between center stations, lining up, traveling in the hallways as a class, lunchroom behavior, entering and exiting the classroom, morning routine, and dismissal procedures

High Expectations


  • Belief in my students and that all students are capable of learning at a high level with support when needed
  • My expectations of my students will greatly influence their achievement in my class and in their lives