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ELA with Mrs. Reynolds

Homework Routine 


Weekly reading logs have a fill-in response for Monday-Thursday.

The students will turn in their Reading Log inside of their homework folder Friday morning to be checked. 

You will have access to Bookshelf.com. Please let me know if you do not have your child's personal log in. 

Sight words- The students can use the weekly sight words on their log as flash cards to study any words they do not know on sight. These can be glued in the back of the spelling notebook and labeled sight words for future study and review or if they are in a baggie, I will return the baggie to you in the folder to add more to each week. Glueing in the notebook may guarantee the baggie is not lost. More advanced lists will be sent out as needed based on power words to know as per their instructional reading level advancement.

On review weeks your child will have comprehension question cards to practice their comprehension.



Spelling tests will be given weekly on Friday and are based on their Phonics Focus. Your child can use their spelling menu map to choose three ways to practice spelling words. These words must be spelled correctly. We are moving away from invented spelling and beginning to use what we know from our phonics lessons to spell the words we write. They may choose to do more than three activities. 

Your child will have a spelling composition book in their folder to use. Please return inside their homework folder Friday morning and they will receive their new words that same Friday or Monday. 


Homework is 5% of their grade and establishing a routine in skill practice is setting up proactive behaviors for academic success. 


Our Week in Focus...


Reading :

Essential Question - How Can Insects be helpful?








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Thank you for your continued support!! I will submit orders at the end of the month! Thank you!!




Online Resources



Math & Science with Ms. Cornelius:


Math:   We finished working on our coin unit last week and took our test. For some students this was a very challenging concept, to identify coin value and skip count from largest coin values to smallest valued coins.  I suggest for some students that they should continue to practice this skill at home to get enough practice for mastery for counting a combination of coins up to a dollar or less in value.  I suggest helping students at home with hands on practice for identifying each of the coins, identifying how many needed of each type to make a dollar and be able to skip count them, and how to identify a mixture of different coins and start counting with largest valued coin to smallest to count either less than or up to a dollar.  

This week, we started a getting ready for Grade 2 math packet, which will cover some place value concepts for adding in the 100's place value for drawing, writing expanded form, and standard form of the number, and with comparing numbers. For example, we will draw the 100's flat to model and draw our number, write in our place value chart how many 100's, and write the value of our 100's in our expanded form addition sentence, and compare numbers like 159 compared to 155 with a greater than, less than, or equal to symbol.  Additionally, we will practice using function tables following a rule for both addition and subtraction, practice adding with three numbers, adding two digit to two digit numbers, and last practice repeated addition which is a precursor to multiplication.

Additionally, for students to meet first grade standards all students should continue to practice at home until mastery with all of the following below: counting by 1's, two's, five's, and ten's to 120 (also be able to count by 10's from any number less than 120; both backwards and forward ex. 32,42,52 and 52, 42, 32); be able to identify how many tens and ones are in a two digit number; be able to identify odd and even numbers by looking at the ones digit only; and have all doubles facts to sums within twenty fluent (recall within 3 seconds). Finally, all students need to be fluent (recall within 3 seconds) for both addition and subtraction sentences within ten by the end of first grade.

Therefore, for math online homework this week, I have assigned XtraMath for you to help your child with a parent letter explaining on how to set up an account to help them gain the math fluency for their addition and subtraction facts they need.  It just takes a few minutes to set up and the students just need 5-10 minutes per day or night to practice their fluency. I highly recommend keeping up the routine all summer too of just 5-10 minutes per day. The summer slide and fact fluency are some of the biggest problems that students and teachers face for helping students return the next year feeling confident to learn new material and teachers not having to start at ground zero again due to lack of fact fluency.  I hope you will utilize this website to help your child learn to gain confidence and a love for new learning in math this week and over the summer, so they can have a confident and successful start in 2nd grade. 


Science:  The week before last, students completed finding the majority of their information from our animal books and videos and completed their graphic organizers detailing their specific animal information for our Animal Research Projects.  Last week, students started writing their animal research papers, as I modeled how to write an introductory paragraph, the informational paragraph/paragraphs, and a conclusion for my animal example and then they completed their own paragraph each day.  This week students finished any uncompleted writing and graphic organizer information for their reports and made a drawing of their animal that details their animal's features or traits described in their reports.  Additionally, we will begin a review of our science work completed this year.



Helpful Links for Math/Science:

  • Think Central - curriculum resources, lessons, online textbooks, interactive videos, games and more!  For online HW- username: is(student number)  password: think2019 (no spaces between letters or numbers and all lower case letters) Make sure to have: Florida; Private School; and Imagine Chr-Land O'Lakes 

  • XtraMath online website for fact fluency practice 

  • ABCya - interactive games for all subjects