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Course Overview

Welcome to math class!  6th grade math builds on knowledge gained in previous grades, and focuses on developing four main areas of understanding:

  • Positive Rational Numbers;
  • Integers;
  • Numeric and algebraic Expressions; and
  • Equations and Inequalities.

First Concept

  • We will begin with Positive Rational Numbers Information
  • We will add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and decimals

Practice Math at Home

  • We will be using a curriculum this year called enVisionmath 2.0. 
  • Students will learn mathematics through a blend of different types of activities. Some activities provide direct instruction, while others ask students to study real-world settings to learn math concepts and how they are used in daily life.  Each student will be issued a consumable workbook to be brought to class daily.
  • A great game to practice adding and subtracting fractions is Speedway Fractions!  Give this a try to practice working with fractions! Image result for picture of plus sign and subtraction sign  
  • A great game to play online as we dive into integers is the Minus Miners!  This will give you practice adding negative integers!  


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