Parent and Kids Resources

This page is to provide you resources for working on your math!

The first source for parents and students is our Keswick Christian School homepage.  The site allows both parents and students to review upcoming events, due dates on assignments, grades, and other important information!  This site requires your school provided identification and password.  Please peruse the entire site and see what is going on all around us!

The school calendar is important to reference frequently!  Please review the calendar link below!


The PearsonRealize website is a great resource for practice for your child!  It also allows you as the parent to review what your child is learning! This site requires your given ID and password to get started!


A great resource for both parents and students is  The site provides lessons from beginning to end on any content/skill that needs additional practice.  Type in the key words on the current skill topic and the site will provide you with additional practice!


Speedway Fractions is a game to work on adding and subtracting fractions!

Image result for picture of plus sign and subtraction sign



Practice adding integers on Minus Miners!

Math 6 Website

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