About Me

After working as a high school teacher, I realized that my true passion was connecting with people on a more personal level to help them achieve their full potential. I became a School Counselor and a Licensed Associate Counselor in order to do so. I truly feel one of the greatest gifts in life we can give is time and energy to others, and it is a privilege to be able to do so through counseling.
As a counselor, I feel it is imperative to create an environment which enables clients to truly express what their thoughts and feelings are; a person must feel comfortable in their therapeutic setting. Counseling does not need to be a fear-provoking or anxiety-inducing experience, rather it should be a place a client looks forward going to in order to become the best version of themselves possible. I enjoy using various therapeutic modalities with clients, including Cognitive Behavior, Mindfulness, Emotion Focused, Solution Focused, and Psychoanalytic Therapies, among others. 
I achieved my BA in English and Secondary Education from Montclair State University. Both my Masters Degree in School Counseling and Certification in Professional Counseling were obtained through Monmouth University. In my free time, I enjoy being at the beach (no matter the season!), running with my Golden Retriever Ro, cooking, and reading.