About Me

In the small moments there are big opportunities. For the small 
moments are where successful, fulfilled lives are built. The small 
moments have great power because there are so very many of them. 
Make wise, effective use of the small moments, and the impact can be 
enormous. To harness the power of the small moments you must 
accept them for what they are. To gain value from the small moments 
you must make use of them as they come. One particularly effective 
strategy for making the most of the small moments is to cultivate 
positive and productive habits. Habits enable you to choose in advance 
what you will do with the valuable load of small moments that will surely 
and steadily come your way. Keeping yourself focused and disciplined 
only every now and then is no great challenge and produces no great 
result. However, when you can stay consistently and persistently 
focused on an objective, there is no limit to the magnitude of what you 
can accomplish. Though the small moments may seem trivial and not 
worth your attention, they are in fact a crucial factor in the quality of your 
life. Give your best to the small moments, for they are where much of 
life's greatest value is built. 

Mr. Leetch