Ms. Cox's ATS Coding Class Summer 2016


I am so glad you are in my class this summer!  We are going to have a great time learning coding through a gaming program called Tynker.  We are going to start with some basic skills through and then get into the gaming sections of Tynker.  I will be here to help with any questions and get you past any specific challenging levels.  You are free to work at home if you would like extra time or if things are moving slowly for you.  


In order to earn a grade in this class I expect you to finish the work assigned.  I will assign a specific number of levels each class, depending on the speed of the class.  That just means that you should finish the assigned levels before the next class.  I will give you enough time in class to finish the work, and if it is not done then you can finish at home.  If you don't have internet access at home, please let me know after the first class so I can adjust your expectations.  Not to worry if that is the case!  IF you are working hard during class, there will not be a problem with your grade.

How to get Help

The key is to keep working and ask for help when you need it.  The way to ask for help is the following:

1.  First, TRY!

2.  Re-read the directions and then try again!

3.  Go back to the level before, review the lesson, then try again.

4.  Ask the person on your left.

5.  Ask the person on your right.


7.  Raise your hand and ask me!