About Us

Fetchers are asked to bring the Fetcher's ID at all times. We will not release the child if the fetcher cannot present the said ID. The following must be done if someone else without the ID will pick up the child:
- Parents must notify the School Administrator in advance.
(email, text message, phone call)
- Indicate the name of the fetcher.
- The fetcher must present a valid ID.
** The child will not be released from the school unless the above steps are taken.

Playful Learner Toddler Class 10:00 - 12:00 pm
Eager Learner Nursery Class 8:00 - 10:00 am
Curious Learner Kinder Class 8:00 - 11:00 am
Creative Learner Prep Class 1:00 - 4:00 pm

The 2 air-conditioned classrooms are clean, bright and decorated with children's work. It is warm and inviting to children and everything is within their reach. Shelves hold materials like toys, puzzles and Lego sets. The play area has different learning corners for different activities. It is equipped with a slide, swing, see-saw, kitchen area, sand area and others. There is a mini library, office as well as computer area all in one room.

Tuition is P33, 000.00 annually, which includes materials, funsheets, field trip and Moving Up.

Preschool lessons, developmentally appropriate materials, field trips, and a literacy-rich environment enhance our preschool program, creating a positive, joyful, creative and educational experience for your preschoolers.

We focus on social relationships, language skills, problem solving, fine and gross motor development, self-help skills, and music and movement. Although Beginning English is taught as a part of our curriculum, and is used frequently when conversing with the children, Filipino is also taught to follow a progressive approach.

Character Education is also an integral component to our program. We work to instill values with each child such as Respect, Caring, Patience, Politeness, Cooperation, and Forgiveness. Our preschool program will prepare your child for success in "big schools" and beyond.


Toddler Class (Playful Learner) - 2.5 years old by June
For the "first timers" in school, this program is centered on the natural curiosity and energy of the very young. It aims to provide your child with lots of attention and opportunity for interaction, a variety of appropriate activities and nurturing teachers so their stay in CBLC is fun, interesting, safe and loving.

Nursery Class (Eager Learner) - 3.5 years old by June
This program focuses on conversational skills to encourage your child's social, emotional, and language development while being exposed to a nurturing environment. Age appropriate toys and activities are provided to encourage exploration and discovery to enhance their overall development.

Kindergarten (Curious Learner) - 4.5 years old by June
Using an integrated learning system that zeroes in on your child's physical, socio-emotional, thinking and communication development is the program's main thrust. Themed learning units are incorporated in reading, language, mathematics, writing, science and social studies.

Preparatory (Creative Learner) - 5.5 years
This program prepares your child for the "big school" all within a personalized and nurturing environment.

There are Parent-Teacher Conferences scheduled after every quarter. Parents are requested to attend to discuss their child's needs and development. Children bring home homework and artwork for parents to see. Parents' time contributions to school programs are also encouraged and valued.

Caregivers may stay inside the classroom for the first two weeks. After that, they will be asked to come back at dismissal time. Orientation will also be given before the class starts.

A Center Policies and Procedures will be discussed upon inquiry. Parents will be asked to initial each policy to indicate that they have read each policy thoroughly and agree to each of the policies in the handbook.

The teachers have degrees in Psychology, TEG, and ECE. They are licensed to teach and are provided intensive in-house training and workshops throughout the year. Their performance is evaluated monthly.