Welcome To United States History Grade 7

Welcome back to an exciting new school year! My name is Sr. Rahnuma Islam. I will be your child’s U.S History teacher. 

This letter is to inform you the classroom rules and plans for this semester.

For the first semester, we will analyze the following topics and questions:

- Using and understanding different types of maps
- Using maps to describe geographic influence on culture
- Native American Groups
- European Age Of Exploration
- Current Events in world and local news


Students are asked to bring the following supplies to class:
- Two composition notebooks. One for classwork, another one for homework.
- Pens / Pencils

Grading Policy

Attendance (5%) – If you are absent, you are responsible to get the class notes. A parental note is required for the absence. If you are late to class three times or more, one point will be deducted every time throughout the semester.

Classwork (5%) / Behavior (5%)- It is expected for students to focus during the teacher lesson presentation and write their class notes in their U.S History notebook. Students should be respectful to the teacher and fellow classmates when expressing ideas and thoughts about a topic. If you want something, please raise your hand to be acknowledged. Do not call out. After a topic is introduced, we will have a discussion or activity regarding the lesson. When there are group activities, participation from each member is important. For review of the lesson learned, homework will be given.

Homework (5%)- will be completed in a separate notebook. Most of the time, I will provide worksheets which will be stapled. Homework will be given every night and should be signed by the parent.
Homework will not be given on the day after a test.


Tests - (80%)- There will be three tests for the marking period. One of the tests may be a project with a rubric or guidelines on how it will be marked. Before any written test is given, there will be a review sheet, which should be signed. If students do not understand a concept, please come to me for help.


Please review the information with your child.  I hope this overview proves helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at
school 516-292-1787.  Please have this notice signed and brought back to me. Thanks. Let's make this a successful year!