Digital Access

Digital Access: full electronic participation in society.


The use of technology in the classroom helps bridge the gap for students in disadvantaged schools.  There must be a plan for the access of all technology to be used in the classroom.  Some schools cannot provide technology equipment for students; therefore, teachers need to be able to provide equal access in the class among all students.  Some things that teachers can do to ensure that all students in the class have access to technology is:

  • Assign weekly rotations by using technology centers (Smart Board, Ipads, computers).  
  • Students can check out technologies in the classroom for their use (cameras and recorders)
  • Students can work together and collaborate while using technology on class projects.

Other Technological Uses in the Classroom

  • Accelerated Reader- the students can test on their accelerated books using Ipads. 
  • STAR testing- students can take online STAR test by using classroom computers or Ipads.


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