General Classroom Technology Rules

  • Only visit internet sites approved by the teacher.
  • Do not give out personal information.
  • Never download anything without permission.
  • Do not print unless you have permission.
  • Make sure all devices are on a charger when they are not being used.
  • Do not eat or drink by any computer or device.

                                       Computer Rules

  • NO food, drink, or magnets of any kind around the computers.
  • Respect each other and the equipment.
  • Gentle use of keyboard, mouse, and head phones.
  • Keep hands off the monitor unless it is a touchscreen.
  • Do not touch anyone else’s computer.
  • If anything isn’t working properly let teacher know.
  • Do not personalize computers
  • Do not add, move, change or delete desktop icons.
  • Do not install or download any software from the internet or any other source.
  • Listen to the teacher during class and DO NOT distract or disturb others with “non-work” activities!

                               Cell Phone Rules

  •  Students are permitted to use their cell phone before the first bell of the day and after the last bell of the day.          
  • The use of cell phones for any purpose – including telephone calls, text messaging, games and other functions – is not permitted at any other time on school grounds.
  • Cell phones must be turned completely off (not simply on silent or vibrate mode) during the school day.
  • Students participating in field trips, extracurricular activities, and athletic events must contact their coach or sponsor for his/her rules involving cell phone use after school hours or on after-school bus trips. Coaches and sponsors will set their rules and establish consequences involving the use and/or misuse of these devices
  •  If an instructor uses the cell phone for classroom activities, follow all guidelines given by that instructor. Before class is over, cell phones must again be turned off and put away.


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