Physical Science

Physical Science

 Week- Due Date
 Chapter Notes Assignments Extras/Tests/Quizzes
 1 (Due 8/16)
 2 Due (8/23) 8/23-27 What is Science?
How Scientistis Work
Studying Life
Tools and Procedures
Complete Surface Tension Lab (p1)- Mon. Prepare for Water-Slider Lab (pp2-3)(Readings). Need straws, pipe-cleaners, wire garbage bag ties, toothpicks- for Fri.

 Quiz on notes-Wed

Notebook Check-Fri

 3- 8/30-9/3 CH 2-Sects 2.2&2.3

 Define vocab. p38. Complete Guided Reading & Study Workbook pp11-14.

(Students Read pp 38-51)

(Pages are stored in Class Assgnmnts Sect. of notebook pp2-5)

 Water-slider Lab, 9/3

Lab Section- p 4

 4 9/7-10 CH 2-Sect 2.3

 Complete Guided Reading & Study Workbook pp 15& 16.(Class Assnmts pp 6-7)

(Students read pp 54-58)

CH Review (Thurs)

 Thurs-notebook check

Acid /Base Lab

9/10-lab Section p 5

 5 9/13-17

 CH 2 Test

CH 3-States of Matter


Sect 3.1, Students complete Sect 3.1 Review- All

Periodic Table of Ele., pp 16-24

Mon-CH 2 Test 

Periodic Table Lab

9/17- Time Line

 6 9/20-24 CH 3

 Sectios 3.2 & 3.3. Students complete Section Reviews-All Study Guide Due 9/23

Periodic Table of Ele., 25, 26 Quiz 27-29

 Complete Periodic Table Time Line Lab
 7 9/27-10/1

 CH 3 Test

CH 4

 Review study Guide,

Begin Section 4.1

Periodic Table of Elements

 9/28- CH 3 Test

Notebook Test

Periodic Table of Ele Create class Table of Ele.


The Nature of Science

Physical Science has a lab component.

ELab Links

Projectile Motion
Roller Coaster Physics
Lever Principle

I Know That

Online Calculaters and Tools

Physics Equations
Scientific Calculators ( (move/store files)

Class Management

Class Rules word_icon
Behavior Checklist (Daily) word_icon

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powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Motion | Lecture Notes
Lab: Speed and the Two Step word_icon

Problem Set: Velocity word_icon
Worksheet: Metric System Conversions word_icon

Problem Set: Velocity & Acceleration word_icon

powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Motion & Forces (Newton's Law) | Lecture Notes

Article: Newton's Laws word_icon

Review Guide: Motion & Forces word_icon | Practice Quiz


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Do not text and drive!The forces during a collision are deadly.


powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Newton's 2nd Law (F=ma) | Lecture Notes

Article: Mathematics to Everywhere word_icon
Article: High Speed Trains word_icon
Aricle: Satellites word_icon

Lab: Mass vs Weight word_icon
Lab: How Much Weight word_icon
eLab: Force on an Elevator and Projectiles word_icon

Problemset: Force and Acceleration (F=ma) word_icon
Problemset: Mass and Weight word_icon

powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Newton's Third Law (collisions)
Lecture Notes

Lab: Momentum; Marble Slides into Cup word_icon

Review Guide: Newton's 2nd and 3rd Laws word_icon


Photo Credit: flickr: hounddiggity

Why doesn't the coaster fall off the tracks?


powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Potential & Kinetic Energy | Lecture Notes

Article: Wicked Rollercoaster word_icon

Lab: Kinetic and Potential Energy on a Ramp word_icon
Elab: Rollercoaster Physics word_icon

Problem Set: Kinetic and Potential Energy word_icon

Graphing: Potential Energyword_icon

Review Guide: Energy word_icon



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If it's green, it's BIOLOGY. ? If it stinks, it's CHEMISTRY. ? If it doesn't work, it's PHYSICS




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