I believe that during the first five years of life children make discoveries, learn how to be resourceful, and build relationships. Children are born learners and they need guidance to show them the world. Through exploration and experimentation children learn how to adapt to society. I believe that knowledge is gained through experiences. Children need to see and experience the world in order to have different concepts and come to an understanding of their own.

Teaching styles that incorporates problem solving and hands-on techniques will foster a child’s development. I am a strong advocate for hands-on and minds-on learning. Children who learn how to problem solve will be able to tackle a problem and think critically about the situation. If children are taught problem solving rather than memorization they will display true intelligence.

Piaget was a French speaking Swiss theorist who posited that children learn through actively constructing knowledge through hands-on experience. He suggested that the adult's role in helping the child learn was to provide appropriate materials for the child to interact and construct.

 Furthermore, it is essential for children to learn about good character while learning academically. It is imperative that children are taught the value of respect, reliability, and responsibility. Learning these three components of good character is important. Children who are taught respect will learn how to maintain a good relationship with people in society. Children who learn responsibility will understand that they are held accounted for their own actions. A child who learns how to be reliable will be trustworthy. These are all characteristics that are essential for children to learn in order to be successful.

My decision to pursue a career in teaching is due, in part, to my intrinsic desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families. As a teacher, I will build a strong relationship with students and their families to ensure that learning will take place in the classroom as well as at home. I will be there for not only educational support, but also for emotional support.

The talent to build meaningful relationships with my students and the determination “to go the extra mile” are two of my strengths as a teacher. I am willing to make whatever sacrifices necessary to be supportive and facilitate the needs of my students. Each child has their own individual needs and I will cater to those needs to make sure they are successful academically and emotionally.

To conclude, my goal as a teacher is to instill the passion for learning with my students, while providing them with an educational environment that is safe, open and supportive. Teaching is a noble and highly rewarding profession where I will be able to impact the lives of my students and their families drastically. The children are our future and in order for there to be a brighter tomorrow it begins with our children. I hope to provide the skills and tools necessary for success and foster the individual talents of each student and to make their dreams and goals become a reality.