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Ms. Cynthia K. Webb

Daniel Jenkins Technology Academy

2018 – 2019




Welcome to a Year of Commitment, Focus and Excellence. I am excited to have you in my class and I am looking forward to teaching you this year. Included in this syllabus are my commitments to you, our course description, our grading procedure, late work policy, absences, ways to succeed in math class and our class rules.


My Commitments to YOU!

  • I promise to do all that I can to help ensure that you learn the content thoroughly and

to a high level of accuracy.

  • I promise to treat you with respect and invite feedback.
  • I promise to forgive and ask for forgiveness.
  • I promise to provide activities that are fun and not embarrassing.
  • I promise to recognize effort, hard work and quality work.
  • I promise to have patience, to be fair and to listen.
  • I promise to provide choices when appropriate.
  • I promise to give homework that can be done successfully and in a reasonable amount of time.
  • I promise to always provide you with a challenging and safe environment.


Course Description


  • You’ll learn how to create and share the content on your own web pages. After deciding what content you want to share with the world, you’ll learn how to structure and style your pages using HTML and CSS. You’ll also practice valuable programming skills such as debugging and commenting. By the end of the unit, you’ll have a personal website that you can publish to the Internet.


Grading Policies:                                                                              Regular

  • Assessments: Tests/Projects/Schedule Quizzes    = 55%
  • Homework/Daily Classwork/Pop-Quizzes/Do Nows = 45%



  • Multiple short assessments per grading cycle – 5 to 10 questions each. Using Pre-assessment test questions as well as new material corresponding recently covered skills.
  • Few Summative Assessments – 2 to 3 per cycle over entire units.
  • Assessment Corrections – Done on a sheet of paper, before allowed to take a retake exam
  • Assessment Retakes – Corrections are mandatory. Will be new questions, fewer questions, covering same material.




Interactive Notebooks:

  • Daily Notes Accountability
      • Looked at the end of every 9-weeks; when checked taken as a test grade


  • Assessments:
    • Less than 70%
    • Corrections mandatory the day after graded test is given back.
    • Retakes will be allowed during a one-week window, after the graded assessment is given back.  The retakes will not always be in the same format as original test. 

(i.e. number of problems, essay format, open response questions)

    • Retakes given only during student’s lunch tutorials ( no exception)
  • Homework/Pop-Quizzes/Schedule Quizzes:
    • May be redone for up to a 70%.
  • Daily Assignments (assignments given in class are due during that class period)
    • These assignments are not allowed to be redone unless absent or Teacher’s digression. (student negligence, not participating, is not a purpose for redoing an assignment)


Late Assignments:

  • One Day Late Policy – All Homework assignments that are not turned in on time must be turned in within the two-day period following the original due date of the missing assignment.
    • If assignment is not turned in within this period, assignment will not be accepted for a grade.
    • For each day late 5 points will be deducted.



In the case of an excused absence, the student is allowed One make-up day for each excused absence day. Student is responsible for all missed work.


Failed Test:

A Notice of Concern will be sent home in the event the student fails a test which represents 55% (regular) or 60% (pre-AP) of their overall 9-week grade. 

Ways to Succeed in Technology:

  • Students must complete the daily warm up. Warm ups are designed to be a review of previously learned concepts or a lead in to the current days lesson.
  • Students must take notes on new material and write examples of problems worked in class. Notes are a good tool to use when completing Independent Work or as a source for studying for exams.
  • Complete ALL homework assignments
  • Attend tutorials to build skills and confidence in Technology, as well as to get additional help
  • Always show your work; Participate in class; Respect teacher and classmates


Thank you for sharing your student with me this year. I look forward to an awesome year of learning! If you have any questions or concerns at any time during the year, Please feel free to contact me. Below are two fast track methods of connecting with me. I recommend e-mail whenever possible.


E-mail:  Cynthia.webb@polk-fl.net

Office message (8:00 am – 4:00 pm): (863)421-3267

My conference period: By appointment


            WebSite: https://educatorpages.com/site/Cynthiakwebb



Disclaimer: This syllabus is subject to change should unanticipated events merit it. 


Please return this page to Ms. Webb 


I have read this course syllabus and will adhere to the rules and expectations in my math class.



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