Pre-AP Pre-Algebra Syllabus

Mr. Czulno’s Pre-AP Pre-Algebra Syllabus
Harmony School of Innovation Fort Worth 2016-2017
General Info
Room: 133                                                                                  Email:

Tutorials are available after school (3:20 – 4:00) Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mandatory tutorials required for some students. Students and parents will be notified if they must attend. Students must let me know a day in advance if they wish to attend voluntary tutoring so I can be prepared.

o    Composition Notebook (2)
o    Pencils
o    Pencil Sharpener
o    Highlighters
o    Markers or colored pencils
o    2 inch Binders (2)
o    Dry Erase Markers (2 Packs)
o    Clorax Wipes

Year At A Glance
Quarter 1: Numbers and Operations; Multiple Representations of Linear Functions
•    Rational Numbers
•    Equations and Inequalities
•    Linear Relationships
    Quarter 2: Ratios and Proportional Relationships
•    Ratios and Proportionality
•    Proportions and Percent
•    Taxes, Interest and Incentives
•    Proportionality in Geometry
    Quarter 3: Geometric Relationships
•    Applications of Geometry Concepts
•    Volume and Surface Area
    Quarter 4: Probability and Statistics; Measurement and Data; Personal Finance 
•    Theoretical and Experimental Probability and Simulations
•    Analyze and Compare Data
•    Random Samples and Populations
•    Taxes, Interest and Incentives
•    Planning Your Future

Entering the Classroom: 
•    Come prepared and do not ask to go to your locker/bathroom/etc. 
o    You need to bring you own sharpened pencil, homework, and Math books every single day.
•    Be in dress code
•    No food, drink, or gum in the classroom
•    Enter the classroom quietly and go to your seat
•    Read the board to see what is needed of you to begin the class period
•    It is your responsibility to be at your desk when the bell rings. Any student not in their seat when the bell rings will be counted tardy. Class will begin once the second bell rings.

During Class: 
•    Actively participate in the learning process
•    Remain seated at all times, unless you have specific permission from me.
•    Speak only when appropriate. The flow of the lesson dictates this.
•    Maintain an appropriate noise level for the activity.

End of Class: 
•    Gather all belongings and clean up area around desk 
•    Teacher dismisses you when you are ready. The bell does not.

Restroom/Locker Use:
Students will be allowed 5 opportunities to leave the classroom to go to the restroom or their locker each 9 weeks. Any student abusing this policy will no longer be able to leave the classroom during class. Students may not leave the classroom during instruction time or during the first and last 10 minutes of class.

Math Lab
The same policies and procedures apply to the math lab class. During the lab time, students will primarily be using a class set of Chromebooks to work on There will also be small group lessons and the occasional whole group lesson. The purpose of math lab is to allow for individualized support for all students. Lab class will generally be the last half of the daily math block. (45 minutes of general instruction time; 45 minutes of math lab time.)

Cell Phones: Cell phones should be turned off and kept in lockers. Any cell phones brought into the classroom will be turned in to the front office. 

Discipline Levels:
o    Verbal Warning
o    DPS
o    Student-Teacher Conference
o    Parent Contact
o    Referral

Multiple violations of the same offence during the same class period may result in immediate referral.

Grading Policy:
Major Grades (Tests and Projects): 40%
Daily Grades (Class work, quizzes, homework, etc): 60%

Grade Summary - A = 90–100%; B = 80–89%; C = 70–79%; F = 69% and below

Students who fail major tests are able to make up those grades. They must come in for tutorials to go over the test materials. Only after going over the material with me will they be able to retest. The average of the 2 test grades will be their new grade.

Late Work:
    Late work will be accepted according to district policy
Days Late    Percent Grade    Example
1 calendar date    10% of actual grade deducted    100 recorded as 90
2 calendar date    20% of actual grade deducted    100 recorded as 80
3 calendar date    30% of actual grade deducted    100 recorded as 70
4 or more calendar dates    Incomplete – 0%    The student has two weeks to convert the incomplete or zero grade to an earned grade. Maximum earned grade can be 50% of the actual grade. If the student fails to turn in after two weeks, a grade of zero is confirmed.
Absences and Missing Assignments: It is your responsibility to collect any make-up work. If it is a planned absence, please collect your make-up work beforehand. The number of days absent = the number of days allowed to make up work. You have 3 days to complete a missed test.

Cheating: Cheating is unacceptable in any shape or form. Any student caught cheating or allowing someone to cheat will receive a zero. Parents and administrators will be notified.

Assignments: (Assignment will not be accepted if any of the four below are done incorrectly or are missing)
o    Complete in pencil
o    Make sure your name and class is on it
o    Turn in on time
o    Show all of the work needed to complete the problem

Behavior Expectations
•    Exercise behaviors that will allow you and your classmates to learn
•    Respect yourself, others, and your school.
•    Exhibit self-control.
•    Be responsible for yourself and your actions.
•    Have fun learning.


Please sign and return by Friday, August 19, 2016

I have read and agree to abide by the policies and procedures above:

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