Welcome to Ms.C.Davila's E-Classroom

Dear Students and Parents,

This week starts our 4th Week of Social Distance Learning. We have come a long way! These past weeks have been quite a journey for all of us. I commend all of my students for learning something new each week that passes by. From learning a structure, a routine, an Online Program to learning something new about each other. This time has been a memorable one for all of us including myself. I want to continue encouraging everyone to participate in our Online Platforms to further our education until we return back to campus. That's if we do. Meanwhile, I want to wish everyone a healthy and safe stay at home with your loved ones.

Ms. C. Davila


p.s. Miss each and every one of my students.

We may not be in school, but... the learning doesn't stop!

This week's theme is HOME



How to structure the day/week.

Dear Parents,


Each week I have been sending you an agenda with activities for the week. This week is Week #4.




  • 1 Pearson Video Lesson a day
  • 1 Pearson QUICK CHECK a day
  • 1 BrainPop Video and Graded Quiz for Social Studies a day
  • 1 BrainPop Video and Graded Quiz for Science a day
  • I-Station (30 minutes a day)
  • Study Island ( 30 minutes a day)


(You've Got This!)