Ms Lopez 2nd Grade 09-10

 Dear Students and Parent(s) or Guardian, 

DBE LinkWelcome to the Second grade! I would like to congratulate you on all of your efforts to get to this point.  I am honored to have your child in my classroom. I am also very pleased about the opportunity to get to build a relationship with you.


In my teaching, I focus on teaching around your student’s needs and their interest. The students’ curriculum will incorporate all subjects and highly integrate technology. This includes mathematics, reading, writing, science and social studies.  

I hope you will be able to attend as many school-sponsored events as possible. I understand that many parents are complicated by their jobs or other circumstances and may be unable to attend. However, I must stress the importance your participation will have on your child’s education.


As you may already know, in third grade your child will be assessed using the FCAT assessment. Although, that is a year away it is of the upmost priority that we work together to prepare your child with all the skills she or he may need to be successful.


You can rest assured that I will work diligently at providing your child with the instruction he or she will need to continue their path as life long learners.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by e-mail or phone. I welcome appointments to meet in person. My contact information  is listed under the “Contact Ms Lopez”  link.  


Please visit our class website throughout the year. It will provide your child with helpful learning strategies that can be practiced at home. In addition, it will include weekly information about our class.

I look forward to working with you and your child to make this the best year ever!  

Warm Regards,


Ms. Lopez

Second Grade Teacher