Classroom Rules and Policies

Classroom Rules: 

I will keep my hands, feet and objects to myself.

I will listen and follow directions the first time they are given.

I will treat all adults and peers with respect.

I will raise a quiet hand.

I will keep my area clean.


Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9:

Bullying of any form will not be tolerated within my classroom. It will be reported to the appropriate administrator.

Bullying is defined by the Schools Board of Broward County as “systematic and chronic infliction of physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students or employees..." BCPS

Behavior Plan:

Amazing Star: ( Purple) Students performance is amazing. Automatic treasure box prize. 

Excellent Dolphin: ( Blue)Student is working beyond average.

First Infraction: Verbal or Visual Warning ( Green) Every student begins at this point at the start of the day. 

Second Infraction: Official Warning (Yellow)   Explicit Corrective Feedback is offered  

Third Infraction: Time out (Orange)  Student must fill out “Think it Though” form.  Corrective Feedback is once again provided.

Fourth Infraction: Time out (Red) Student must fill out “Action Plan”.            

Parent is contacted and “Action Plan” must be returned to school with parent signature.  


Severe Infraction: Classroom Removal (violent behavior or excessive classroom distractions. Student will receive a official county referral). 


*Clip may be moved back ONLY ONCE a day.


1. Sticker or Stamp

2. Positive Note or Call Home

3. Lunch with Teacher

4. Special Classroom Job

5. Treasure Box

6. Student of the Week (Line Leader)

7. Movie Tickets 


1. Time out within classroom

2. Parent Contact

3. Lost of special classroom job title

4. Intervention Assignment  (writing an apology letter, development of behavioral contract, etc.)

5. Withdrawal of Privileges (special classroom privileges)

6. Detention

7. Classroom Removal

Conduct Grade: (average score for quarter will be used for report card)

Clip change per week 

0-4= 1

5-9= 2

10 and up= 3   

Opening Classroom Procedure: 

 1.    Enter the room quietly.

2.     Put your lunch box away.  

3.    Un-stack your chair.

4.    Hang backpack on the back of your chair.       

5. Place homework in homework bin.   

6.Place agenda on desk  and copy homework in agenda.   

7.  Sharpen only Three pencils.

9.    Begin morning work!

Closing Procedure:

1.            Clean desk and work area.

2.            Gather all materials. Place your materials and agenda in backpack.

3.            Stack your chair and collect lunch box when you are dismissed.  

Grading Scale:

90-100   = A

80-89              =  B

70-79             =  C

60-69    =  D

 0-59     =   F