Communications Class - Career Talk Assignment

            Career Talk Assignment


For your Career Talk, you are to give a Google Slides presentation (or PowerPoint presentation) on a career of your choice. The purpose of your Career Talk is for you to research a career of interest to you and to share your findings with your classmates. This Career Talk is essentially an informational speech to inform your listeners of specific details related to your chosen career.


For your Career Talk, you should focus your presentation on introducing your chosen career and providing details such as specialized education needed, anticipated entry-level wage/salary, average wage/salary, future job opportunity outlook, and the pros and cons of the career.


Be sure to log in at Career Cruising. Go to Click on “Students” in the upper right corner, find “Career Cruising” in the list on the right, and click on it. Here you will create/add to your Career Digital Portfolio.


Another excellent resource to assist you in this assignment can be found at the following website:    


Save your presentation as follows: Last name.First name.CareerTalk (for example: Anderson.William.CareerTalk). Be sure to share it with me at





                                     Presentation Outline



Note: Your Google Slides presentation (PowerPoint presentation) must include at least one picture.



INTRODUCTION:  Very clearly and briefly introduce your chosen career and explain why you chose it. (one slide)



BODY: Describe the duties and responsibilities related to your chosen career. Describe the specialized education needed for your career, anticipated entry-level wage/salary, average wage/salary, and future job opportunity outlook. (four to six slides)



CONCLUSION: Present the pros and cons of your career (two to four slides).





Practice your presentation a few times before you present it in class. This will help calm your nerves. Use note-cards or an outline. Maintain eye contact with your listeners. Speak slowly, loudly, and clearly.





                         Rubric for Career Talk





Above Average




Below Average



(20 points)

Exceptional beginning



Creative beginning



Not a very creative or interesting beginning


Not a very good beginning




(50 points)



Thorough, insightful, and interesting discussion of career




Interesting discussion of career



Discusses career but elaborates very little



Uninteresting, very

few details or insights about the career are given





(10 points)


Very interesting and insightful pros and cons of career given


Interesting pros and cons of career given


Limited pros and cons of career given


Very limited pros and cons of career given


Presentation skills

(20 points)


Very enthusiastic and quite knowledgeable


Voice is clear, words are pronounced correctly and tempo is good


Maintains eye-contact


Somewhat enthusiastic and knowledgeable


Voice is mostly clear and audible,


Mostly maintains eye-contact


Shows average enthusiasm and knowledge


Voice is sometimes hard to hear or understand 


Little eye-contact


Not enthusiastic at all


Voice is too soft, mumbles, speaking much too fast or slow.


No eye-contact




Comments:                                                                                         Score: _____________ /100







Your chosen career: