Communications Class - Persuasive Essay Assignment

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Write a five-paragraph persuasive essay reflecting your position on one of the following issues:


  1.  Students should be allowed to use their cell phones in school at all times.

  2.  Classrooms should be single gender.

  3.  Homework should be given to students.

  4.  Students should be required to wear school uniforms.

  5.  Schools should reinstate corporal punishment.

  6.  The death penalty should be banned in America.

  7.  There should be a food tax on unhealthy food.

  8.  The voting age should be lowered to from 21 to 16.

  9.  The minimum driving age should be raised to 18.

 10.  Torture is justified for national security.


Note: Your essay is to be one to two pages in length. Use a font size of 12 with all margins set at 1”. Be sure to edit your writing checking especially for mistakes in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization. Be sure to space between paragraphs, and also be sure to print a hard copy. You will present your persuasive essay in class.