SQ3R – A Reading/Study Strategy




     SURVEY:    (about two minutes) Skim the material quickly and

                             critically; attempt to identify the major ideas. Look at titles,

                             headings, captions, and words in bold or italic print. Look

                             over all illustrative material such as pictures, charts, maps,

                             and graphs. Read the summary at the end of the chapter.



     QUESTION: (about two minutes) Make up your own questions by

                             rewording the major headings into questions. Read the

                             questions at the end of the chapter or at the end of each

                             section. (The reason you do this is to set a purpose for your

                             reading and to prepare your brain to anticipate answers to

                             your questions.)



     READ:           (at a comfortable pace) Read the assigned material

                             carefully, looking for main ideas and answers to your




     RECITE:      (more time should be spent on reciting than on reading)

                             Check to see if you really understood what you read by

                             reciting aloud and/or writing down in your own words the

                             questions and answers you have found. Summarize aloud

                             the material you have read.



     REVIEW:     (ongoing) Review the material for a quiz or test frequently.

                             Study your notes often. Reread sections of the material that

                             may still be unclear to you. Test yourself on the material.