Vocabulary - BULL RUN

Bull Run vocabulary




allure – (v)  attract, draw

courier – (n) messenger

daft – (adj) silly, foolish

discern – (v) tell the difference, distinguish

dread – (v) be afraid of

forlorn – (adj) sad, dejected

frantic – (adj) anxious, worried

fray – (n) battle, fight

gallant – (adj) brave, courageous

grope – (v) feel for

irksome – (adj) annoying

loutish – (adj) impolite, ill-mannered

mayhem – (n) chaos, disorder

notion – (n) idea, thought

pillage – (v) plunder, rob

procure – (v) obtain

prostrate – (adj) flat, horizontal

qualm – (n) misgiving, doubt

revenge – (n) payback, vengeance

rogue – (n) scoundrel, rascal

rout – (n) overwhelming defeat

scurry – (v) dash, hurry

secession – (n) formal withdrawal from an organization

skedaddle – (v) run away, get out

smug – (adj) self-righteous, arrogant

spectacles – (n) eyeglasses

squander – (v) waste

traipse – (v) wander, walk about

tumult – (n) uproar, commotion

tyrant – (n) oppressor, dictator