amber             a yellowish brown color

bounty            a reward offered for the capture of an animal

bravado          conduct that is foolish and adventurous

carrion            dead and rotting flesh

contort            to twist something out of its usual shape

cowed             to have destroyed the resolve or courage of; intimidated

croon              to sing or speak in a gentle, nurturing way

deference        respect or esteem shown to an older or more superior person or creature

deft                 skillful, quick and neat

deviate            to do something differently from the usual way



discern            to distinguish between; to recognize as different

dispel              to put an end to something

elated              very pleased and excited

enamored       to be in love with

flourish           to thrive; to grow; to increase

forage              to search for food

grovel              to be unusually humble and polite to someone because you are afraid of the

                         person or because you think the person is very important

improvise        to do the best you can with what is available

incorrigible     not manageable

intricate          complicated, elaborate


meandering    roundabout; winding

monotony       without change; going on and on in a boring way

pinnacle          a peak; the highest point

predicament   an awkward or difficult situation

quiver             to tremble or vibrate

refrain            to stop from doing something

remote            far away; isolated; distant

stifle                to hold back or cease

undulate         to rise and fall

wane               to get smaller in size