Vocabulary - SOLDIER'S HEART



adept:  skilled

amputation:  act of surgically removing a limb

artillery:  large, mounted guns too heavy to carry, such as cannons

casualties: people hurt or killed

cavalry:  soldiers who fight on horseback

commissary:  store in a military camp where food and supplies can be bought

demoralized:  weakened in spirit

dire:  extreme

forage: search about especially for food

hullabaloo:  uproar


infantry:  soldiers who fight on foot

plush:  very expensive and luxurious

morale:  mood, spirit

rations:  food

relented:  yielded, gave up

residue:  remainder

retrieve:  recover

skirmishes:  brief fights

slogans:  words or phrases used to get attention or advertise

volley:  act of shooting a number of guns or other weapons at the same time