The Witch of Blackbird Pond vocabulary



Chapters 1-3

wistfully - longing pensively; expressing vague yearnings

anguish - great suffering as from worry, grief or pain

cuff - to strike with open hand; a slap or blow

daft - silly; foolish; insane; crazy

nonchalance - showing cool lack of concern

furtively - done or acting in a stealthy way; sneaky

imperceptibly - gradually, slightly, so as to be difficult to perceive

reproof - rebuke; censure; find fault with


Chapters 4-7

exhilarating - invigorating or stimulating

intimidated - made afraid; made timid; cowed

chagrin - mortification; a feeling of embarrassment

exasperation - a state of being vexed, irritated or annoyed

irksome - tiresome; annoying; irritating

condescension - a patronizing manner or behavior

timorous - timid; full of or subject to fear

veritable - in fact; actual; truly


Chapters 8-10

ingenious - original and inventive; resourceful

entranced - fill with rapture or delight; enchant; charm

vengeance - with great force or fury; excessively; revenge

sanctioned - authorized approval or permission

invariably - not changing; constant

vagueness - not sharp; not clearly; hazily; obscurely



Chapters 11-13

pious - seemingly virtuous; showing religious devotion

refuge - a place of safety

resolutely - showing a fixed, firm purpose; determined; faithful

qualms - feeling of uneasiness or doubt; misgiving

infatuated - carried away by shallow love or affection

impetuously - foolish rash; impulsive; done suddenly with little thought

incredulous - doubting; skeptical; unwilling or unable to believe


Chapters 14-16

sanctuary - a place of refuge or protection; a holy place for worship

annexed - to add on or attach; append

blasphemy - contemptuous speech or action concerning God

poignant - emotionally touching or moving

ruefully - feeling or showing regret; lamentable; mournful

blithely - showing a gay, cheerful disposition; carefree

ingenuity - cleverness, originality, skill; ingeniousness


Chapters 17-18

consternation - great fear or shock that makes one feel helpless

infidel - one who does not believe in a particular religion

tantalizingly - maintained teasing by keeping out of reach something desirable

docile - easy to manage or discipline; obedient; teachable

sobered - characterized by reason, sanity, or self-control

sustained - strengthened in spirit or courage; kept up


Chapters 19-21

cronies - old friends; close companions

vehemently - impassioned; fervent; impetuous

surreptitiously - in a secret, stealthy way; clandestine

contradictory - asserting the opposite of what someone else said

arduous - difficult to do; laborious; strenuous

amended - made better, changed or revised