Behavior Plan 

I want my children to feel safe and have fun while learning in my classroom. If parents and teacher notice a constant behavior problem I would like to schedule a meeting with parents.
My behavior plan includes having a meeting with the parents and student to find out what is going on. As this might be your child's first time in school it may be a little harder to get used to a routine and to follow directions but if the parents and teacher work hand-in-hand with the student we may be able to help transition the students in a safe manner.
Below is a sample of my behavior contract that I allow students to see and to know what exactly they are going to be observed on. This behavior contract along with the daily ClassDojo point system will let both parents and myself know how the student is doing. 
If a student is assigned a Behavior Report, the report will go home every Friday and must be returned back to school on Monday (or on the next school day). 
Teacher, student, and parents will have monthly meetings in person to discuss child's progress.
Weekly reports will be sent home through ClassDojo.

*If an intervention is needed sooner we will meet as soon as possible*

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