Chemistry I

Things I Need to Do This Week (1st week of school) Cover Letter Honors and Chem I.pdf

Begininng of the Year Signature Sign Off Sheet: Herman BegYear SIGN OFF SHEET - Chem H and I.pdf

 Lab Safety: Safety Honors and Chem I.pdf

Course Expectations: Course Expectations-with NGSS Honors and Chem I 2019-2020.pdf

Materials List: grade sheet.pdf


ChemMatters Article on Vaping

How Toxic is It? Videos of lab results:

  1. Look at the posts below for your groups initials. 
  2. Click to open video and see the results.
  3. Under each concentration I wrote "Ger" for Germinate and the number that had germinated and "Not" for the number that did not germinate.
  4. Copy into your data table.
  5. Make a bar graph of the data
  6. Answer the questions on the left side of your notebook.


Period 2

Per 2 Danielle, Lidsi, Jacklyn, Louis

Per 2 BM and GJ Plant Food 

Per 2 AE Tide 

Per 2 ND, AH, MA, KS

Per 2 RD Detergent 

Per 2 SM, SG, LG, FA Sugar Water 

Per 2 YL, JV, AG, AF Baking Soda

Per 2 Dulce, Jacqueline, Christian, Maribel

Period 5 

Per 5 AJ, EH, Sc Laundry Detergent

Per 5 Alondra, Yessina, Jacob Tide 

Per 5 GB Borax 

Per 5 LMTM Salt Solution 

Per 5 NW, AG, JA Coke 

Per 5 RM, JC, DG All Purpose Cleaner 

Per 5 TS,JR,BJ Cleaner

Per 5 AM, DA Baking Soda 

Per 5 DO, EF, JJ, BA Sugar