Our Classroom Website

Welcome to Kindergarten in Room 5

We hope that this website will help keep you up to date with the learning and activities happening in Room 5, such as themes and topics being explored, special events and important announcements.  

October is more than half over and we have been very busy in Room 5.  During our group lessons and follow up activities we have been learning about the season of Fall, harvest time (picking fresh tomatoes and green peppers from our school garden) , Thanksgiving (don't forget to thank the farmers!), Diwali (including a visit from a parent who shared with the class how her family celebrates Diwali) and Halloween.  Outdoor learning takes place each day in the morning at the beginning of the day and again after lunch.  Please ensure that as the seasons change, your child is prepared to be comfortable outdoors with appropriate clothing and footwear.

During learning centre time we are providing activities to encourage the development of literacy and numeracy skills.  This includes different activities for different skill levels.  For example, some children are working on learning how to print their name, while others are beginning to label their pictures and write simple sentences.  Some students are learning the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet, while others are learning how to spell words.  Numeracy topics in include counting with one-to-one correspondence, recognizing and printing numbers, comparing the measurement of different items, identifying, extending and creating patterns, identifying various shapes and discussing their attributes and collecting, organizing and interpreting data.  We encourage all children to engage in a variety of learning opportunites while also allowing them some free choice for their favourite activities.  

Unfortunately our first swimming period was cancelled due to a facility problem.  We hope we will be able to swim next Day 1, Thurs. Oct.  26. 

The school council has organized a Halloween Dance for Oct. 31.  The Kindergarten class will have an opportunity to participate for one period.  On Halloween we'll be having the first pizza lunch.  Please return the yellow order form with the correct payment if you wish for  your child to participate.  Children may wear their Halloween costumes to school.  Please be sure that the costume fits your child and that they can move safely in the costume.  Please leave costume accessories at home (e.g. swords, toy guns, etc.)  Due to severe food allergies in our classroom, please do not send in Halloween treats for the class as we do not want to exclude any child, nor do we want to risk a life-threatening anaphalactic reaction.