My Classroom Website

GRADES:  Please check your child's grades on a regular bases. 
               Step 1:  logon to schools website (
               Step 2:  click on Pinnacle Parent internet viewer 
               Step 3:  username is your childs student number,  password is his/her birthday (year month date) no spaces  or symbols
               SUGESTION:  Bookmark this page
               Please whenever you need to contact me in reference to your child email me at                                  
      Please include phone numbers that you can me 
               reached at throughout the day.
               Students are responsible to request their makeup work and/or check the website to obtain the
               information, and have it completed and turned in withing the alloted time set by the Broward Schools. 
               Test that are preannounced are expected to be taken the day it is adminstered regardless of day(s) absent. 
               In the event that a test needs to be madeup - it will be madeup after school the first Wednesday after the
               missed assessment.  Any grade not made up within the alloted time will remain a "Z" - which is averaged in as
               a zero.