The Life of Benjamin Franklin

WHO IS HE?    

?Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17th 1706 in Boston. His parents were Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger.  His father, a soap and candle maker, had 17 children, seven with first wife, Anne Child, and 10 with second wife Abiah Folger. Benjamin was his 15th child and the last son. 
Ben Franklin attended Boston Latin School, but was removed at age 10 to work with his father at candle making.  At age 12 Josiah apprenticed Ben to his brother James at his print shop.  Ben began writing during this time and adopted the pseudonym Mrs. Silence Dogood, and “her” 14 imaginative and witty letters were published in his brother’s newspaper, The New England Courant.  Ben left his brother after a few years and moved to New York, but settled in Philadelphia, which was his home base for the rest of his life. 

Franklin published three pamphlets between 1720's to 1740's, "A Dissertation upon Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain,"  "The Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency," and "A Proposal for Promoting Useful Knowledge"; he also published "Poor Richard’s Almanack". 
Franklin’s voracious capacity for knowledge, investigation and finding practical solutions to problems was his primary focus, as was his commitment to “doing good,” which led to the concept of paying it forward. 
?Franklin was called "the harmonious human multitude,” because he was multitalented and known for his many accomplishments in many fields.
Benjamin Franklin died on April 17, 1790, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the home of his daughter, Sarah Bache. He was 84,