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Salaam alaikum, students! Below is a list of classes and homework assignments for your Dar-un-Noo middle-schooler's social studies classes in the 2011-2012 school year. Please check the site as often as possible to view homework assignments and instructions, along with the occasional supplemental materials and updates.

students may find her or his class listed below, and each one is a link to view the needed materials for that specific class.

Georgia Studies

US History

World History 



Updates Section


9-06-2011: For All Grades
The following pages are for your ITBS practice and preparation. This link will teach you the terms and definitions regarding geographic landforms. The terms have illustrations for you, so you not only read but also see the definitions. Note that buttes and mesas are the same thing, but used in different places. And "butte" is not pronounced as it is spelled, but rather as "byute". This link is similar, but not identical, and it has more terms regarding not just the landforms, but the different types of maps as well. This link is the terms and definitions only, no images, which is a good study guide after the other pages. It is good for making flashcards.
The terms on these pages are terms that children in all schools and in all school systems must learn. When they do not learn them, they misunderstand the questions on the tests and answer them incorrectly. Be sure to know these terms before the ITBS is given. Vocabulary is fundamental.