About FSA

The goal of this Association shall be to enhance the roles of the parents and teachers respectively as educators by providing opportunities for working together for the good of the children and the school.

 The objectives of this Association shall be:

  • To enhance Catholic education by fostering a strong faith community within its membership.
  • To inform parents and faculty of the influences of peers, neighborhood and media to which our children are exposed.
  • To provide an opportunity for parents to express their views regarding their children, the school and educational program, and in turn learn the feelings of other parents, the pastor, principal, faculty and school-related groups.
  • To provide a means for the pastor, principal, faculty and school-related groups to dialogue with parents to enhance the total educational experience.
  • To provide volunteer efforts in all school-related matters.
The FSA Board encourages all school families to support our fund-raisers and to actively participate in the many functions we sponsor throughout the year.  Your support and assistance is what will make these activities possible.  Throughout the year, we will be sending home notices asking for parents to volunteer some of their time at a specific event.  Please try to help, even if it is only for a short period of time.  Help is always welcome.  The children truly appreciate your efforts.


How FSA funds are used:

Special Programs for Students and Families

Teacher Stipends

Reading Incentive Lunch Party

Classroom Books


School Directory

Staff Appreciation Lunches

Students Special Lunches

Art Appreciation Program