Class Rules


Classroom Rules



We all know about rules and we will have a few classroom rules so that everyone knows how to act or what to do any situation.

Rules are not negotiable and have consequences if they are not followed.

Our rules are few and simple:

1.Respect each other at all times.

2. When anyone is speaking to the class:
   A. Remove all unrelated materials from your desk.
   B. Face the speaker and maintain eye contact.
   C. Do not speak out or interrupt any speaker.
   D. During time for questions or comments, raise your hand to be recognized.
3. Be in your seat when the bell rings.
4. Do not disrupt your classmates during instruction.

Not following the rules will have consequences:

¤The first infraction will be a verbal correction.

¤The second infraction will result in a call home.

¤The third infraction will result in after school detention.
¤Any further infractions will be turned over to the administration to take disciplinary action.