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Julius Caesar
 Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was one of Ancient Rome's , greatest generals and statement. He became a brilliant military leader and helped make Rome the center of an empire that streched across Europe . Caesar also won fame as an Orator, Politicain, and writer . Caesar's victories in Civil was helped him become dictator of the Roman people, but his power frightened many of his political opponents , and a group of them assassinated him .

*Julius Caesar was one of the great military leaders .
*Julius's Full Name Was/Is Gaius Julius Caesar .
*Julius Caesar was born July 13 , 100 B.C.
*Julius lived in Subura , Rome .
*Julius Died March 15, 44 B.C. (At the age of 55.)

Early Life. (Julius)

Julis was born in Rome of an aristocratic family . At the age on 17, he married Cornelia, the daughter of Lucius Cornelius Cinna . Cinna had been an associate of Gaius Marius, a great popular leader .
Lucius Sulla, the aristocratic dictator of Rome, ordered Caesar to divorce Cornelia.
Caesar became increasingly interested in public affairs, and tried to gain the favor of the people. In 65 B.C. , he was elected to the to the office of aedile and organized public games.

*Julius is one of the most important people in the history of the world. 
*When Luucius Sulla ordered Caesar to divorce Cornelia, He reused  to .
*Julius won favor because he spent so much money to provide recreation, for the people .
*In 62 B.C. , Caesar became praetor, the next in rank to consul .
*Julius Caesar may heve been the greatest man of all time .


 Last Victory(JuliusCaesar)

Befor returning to Rome, Caesar won the war he fought to make Cleoparta ruler of Egypt . He later brought he to Rome. Caesar won his next victory in 47 B.C. , over Pharnaces II, King of Pontus .