Gifted News

Field Trip- November 3rd

Dear Edwina, Jr. the play at the Alliance for the Arts in Ft. Myers!

Students need to pack a lunch. Admission is $3.


The Accelerated Program

Especially thrilling for this year is the launch of our brand new accelerated learning program. We recognized that many of the gifted learners in the general education classroom had reached the learning ceiling. Their full potential was not being met because the opportunity for growth was not as readily available, due to the vast learning styles in the regular classroom.

So here at Oasis, we discussed the possibility of clustering gifted learners and other high achievers into one classroom, an accelerated classroom, to close the gap so the teacher can provide more challenging curricula and learning experiences in the regular classroom as well. Research has shown that gifted learners blossom in an environment that pushes the envelope, stimulates their learning, provides for exploration and deeper meaning, and includes peers that function at a similar cognitive level. The teacher can adjust the curriculum to the pace and abilities of the class, and spend less time reviewing concepts that many of the students already mastered, and enriching those topics further through simulations, role-playing, character journals, literature units, research projects, and much more. We know this will be a great new learning environment for your children!

These gifted learners will still attend gifted class with me one full day a week, to receive their full spectrum of gifted accommodations. We will still be doing things in here that will be different from their classrooms. So I look forward to another fabulous year with these special learners!