Service Learning Project Sex Slaves

Essential Questions...

·         How did Human Trafficking start?

·         When did Human Trafficking become so prominent in our society?

·         What event in Human Trafficking history as had the biggest effect on where it is today?

·         How has Human Trafficking been tamed since this problem came out?


·         What mental health issues are related to sex slavery?

·         What physical issues come from being a sex slave?

·         What are some ways people can cope with these struggles?


·         In what ways can literature impact views and perspectives on the use of Sex Slaves in our society?·         How can an individual take on the emotions experienced by a person ‘sold’ to the sex slave industry and interpret a response? 


·         How can we overcome the sex slave industry?

·         What interventions can be made in an attempt to stop sex slavery?

·         What does ‘prevention’ mean to the sex slave industry?

·         Why would we want to overcome this current issue in our world?