Creative Writing and American Novels

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Week of Aug. 16- grammar workbook pgs. 103-114 ( sentence types, clauses)

Upcoming Tests: Types of Sentences and Clauses Test ,  Desrciptive Writing Unit Test

Descriptive Writing Unit: Vivid Verbs, Sensory Words, Spatial Order, Imagery Language

August 19, Thursday- Writing Bellringer- Write five sentences that accurately and completely describe the front of the classroom.              -Student Samples-

Bethany Neese- In a chaotic, organized fashion the room is elegantly made up. The posters are colorful and full of wise things to do while one is in creative writing class. The posters range in color from yellow to orange and blue to green. Mrs. McCarty is standing at the front of the room dressed in a peach top and khaki pants going through our grammar workbook. We have a high-powered active board, which is a finely made machine capable of accessing interent webpages, going over powerpoints, and interacting with notes off of it. The board itself is sitting on another old-fashioned marker board, which is still used for assignments. These are the things that really stand out for me at the front of the classroom. Laughing

Brandon Batte- The front of Mrs. McCarty's classroom has many colors along with many objects. Her wall has a background of white with colorful posters. The front of the room has a bulletin board that has bright orange paper and a banner that says "welcome". The marker board tells the class our daily bellringer. To the side is an active board where we watch presentations and take notes.

Tyler Shepherd- The front of the classroom has as white, glossy cnderblock wall with a whtie marker board hanging on it. My teacher that is talking about her shoes is standing behind a wooden lecture stand with a big tech cart holding a tv, two computers, and a printer behind her. There is a active board sitting hanging on the marker board. There are a dozen small posters about English and two big posters saying "welcome" on either side of pictures of Shakespeare. There is a large white cabinet to the far left, and next to the that there are a few boxes.

Fall Semester 2010- Creative Writing: This course offers learning and practice in writing by completing a portfolio that contains processes of narrative and descriptive essays, poems, and short fiction. American Novels: This course offers a survey of important American authors and three novel studies with reader response journals.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: We will study the following units:  narrative, descriptive, and poetry writing along with various responses to literature and three complete novel studies.

First Nine-Week Term- Creative Writing

 Writing Journal Prompts

1.                  Daily Rough Drafts

2.                  Edited and Typed Writing Portfolio

3.                  Organized Portfolio

4.                  Creative presentation of selected portfolio entries

Descriptive  Unit- 2 weeks

1.                  Grammar and Writing Unit 3/13 (Textbook: Glencoe Writer's Choice)

2.                  Process of Descriptive Writing

Narrative Unit- 2 weeks

1.                  Grammar and Writing Skills Unit 4/15

2.                  Narrative Writing Process

3.                  Narrative Story Project and Technical Presentation

4.                  My Future Portfolio- personality exploration

Persuasive Unit- 2 weeks

1.                  Grammar and Writing Skills Unit 6/30

2.                  Process  of Persuasive Writing

3.                  Persuasive Position Papers and Advertising Campaign

Poetry Unit- 2 weeks

1.                  Types of Poetry- lyrical, sonnet, free verse, haiku, etc...

2.                  Response to cultural poetry- American, European, Asian, Native American, and African

3.                  Poetry Portfolio

*** Final Exam October 7&8 Second Nine-Week Term- American Novels

Introduction to American Novels

  1. American Novels survey
  2. Important Authors
  3. Historically significant books
  4. Major Themes

Novel Study One- The Giver

  1. Author Study
  2. Background/Time Period
  3.  Response to Literature- Student paper

Novel Study Two- To Kill a Mockingbird

  1. Author Study
  2. Background/Time Period
  3. Response to Literature- Student Position Paper

Novel Study Three- A Separate Peace

  1. Author Study
  2. Historical Connection
  3. Response to Literature- Student Paper
***Final Exam- December 16&17