All About Me

Greetings, With a Hearty Handshake: 

     I'm Darla Jean Swain and I reside in the little village of Manderson S.D. here in the foot hills of our beautiful Black Hills.  I've been a Head Start II Teacher in Wounded Knee S.D. for 3-1/2 years.  I came into the Head Start Program in the Spring of 2007 and I am truely enjoying every moment that I spend with the children. The children are my inspiration and ongoing laughter everyday, all day long. ,


     I achieved my CDA/ECH in 09 and AA/ECH in 2010 and looking forward to my BS in ECH. in the spring of 2012. This fall, I will be transferred to the Manderson Head Start Center in Manderson, my Home Town. I look forward to meeting all the children and their parents. I know we will have a wonderful time together, learning to become leaders of our future.The best thing is, It can be gained in a fun and friendly manner.