A Multitude of Databases

Data Website Number One:  ARIS

  Ø  Address:  www.arisnyc.org/aris/login

  Ø  Username:  DOE Username

  Ø  Password:  DOE Password

  Ø  Reports Data:

     Ø  Provides information on an entire class broken down by each subject.

     Ø  Includes student attendance, assessment scores/levels, biographical information, report card grades.

     Ø  Allows you to view which students possess an IEP, are Promotion-In-Doubt, or ELLs.

Data Website Number Two:  ACUITY

  Ø  Address:  mcgraw.nycenet.edu/index.jsp

  Ø  Username:  DOE Username

  Ø  Password:  File Number

  Ø  Item Analysis:

     Ø  Reports show specific points of student difficulty, performance levels, classroom areas of growth.

  Ø  Classroom Matrix:

     Ø  Provides students' choices for questions (by standard & skill) to highlight strengths & weaknesses.

  Ø  Custom Tests:

     Ø  Teachers can create, share, or print exams on particular skills or strategies.

 Data Website Number Three:  SCANTRON

  Ø  Address:  EdPerformance.com

  Ø  Username:  DOE Username

  Ø  Password:  File Number

  Ø  Site ID:  61-0557-7317

  Ø  Assessment: 

     Ø  Students take an exam in Reading or Math.  Questions are randomly selected & scaffolded.

     Ø  After clicking on the specified criteria, information appears highlighting areas in need of growth.

     Ø  Teachers can create individualized assessments according to skill, standard, and level of difficulty.

     Ø  6th Grade Scale Scores:    2677 - 3010

     Ø  7th Grade Scale Scores:    2727 - 3032

     Ø  8th Grade Scale Scores:    2793 - 3089

Data Website Number Four:  NYSTART

  Ø  Address:  nystart,gov

  Ø  Username:  DOE Username

  Ø  Password:  File Number

  Ø  Assessment Reports:

     Ø  Provides accurate information about all students' results on state examinations.

  Ø  Summary Reports:

     Ø  Provides assessment results for school & district divided by gender, ethonicity, and economic status.

  Ø  Individual Student Reports:

     Ø  Provides accurate and detailed information on each child's performance on the State Examinations.