5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 WiFi Keeps Disconnecting 2021

As we all know functions like Windows 10 need internet or data connection to work and some of us have Wifi connection at our homes but there have been several complaints that the WiFi keeps disconnecting Windows 10 because of which users are not able to use it properly. 

Below are Some Ways that can Solve the WiFi Problems with Windows 10 – 

  • Check the signal connection of the WiFi:- Before going to any other way first check the signal of your WiFi, it could be the reason for issues arising. 
  • Look for the update of the latest driver:- Update the latest driver to its latest version to use it more efficiently. 
  • The WiFi adaptor needs to be re installed:- Wifi keeps dropping Windows 10 can be the result of error in WiFi adaptor so it needs to be uninstalled and then installed again.
  • Tweak the power options:- The users should tweak the power option, “Disallow the computer to turn off this device to Save power”, it can help you to solve the issue.
  • Go through the configuration settings of the WiFi:- Users need to check and also change the WiFi AutoConfig Service start up type to fix the problem of Windows 10 disconnecting from WiFi.  

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