7 Ways to Solve AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone

AOL email has been in the market for quite some time now and it is safe to say that it is established itself as one of the best in the business. The features and the user interface of this email service are second to none.

Read this blog till the end to know how to fix when your AOL mail account isn't working on your IOS device.

But before we begin, let us take a look at some of the probable reasons as to why AOL mail is not opening on iPhone

Probable Reasons Behind AOL Mail Error on iPhone

  • The IOS device may be connected to a network that isn't strong and stable enough in terms of connectivity

  • You may be unable to sync your AOL mail correctly on your device

  • It is possible that the network settings haven't been configured correctly on your device.

  • The user may have an outdated or older version of the IOS devices that may be filled with bugs and glitches.

  • Try to check the firmware as it may be corrupted or outdated which may cause this error.

  • Your iPhone may have some storage space available to store AOL mails

  • Any sort of other network-related issues or system errors can cause this problem as well.

These are some of the probable reasons why AOL mail is not responding on your iPhone. 

Let us now take a look at some of the simple methods that can help users to fix when AOL mail is not working on the iPhone with relative ease.

Simple Methods to fix AOL Mail not Working on iPhone

  1. By Restarting your IOS Device

If you don't how to restart your iPhone, you can do the troubleshooting by following this part with relative ease. Whenever a device is restarted, it simply resets the current power cycle so to fix all sorts of other issues automatically.

In order to restart the device, you simply have the press the sleep/wake button on the side along with the volume down key that is on the left side of the screen at the same time. As soon as the power slider appears on the screen, you simply need to turn the device off. After that, you will need to wait for a minimum of 30 seconds, and press the power button to restart the device.

  1. By Resetting the Network via Airplane Mode

It is common knowledge that most smart devices today have an airplane mode that automatically disables the cellular service along with any other sort of network on the device. You can also try to fix this AOL mail issue by resetting the network with the use of airplane mode.

Simply move to the settings option of your device and scroll a bit to find the airplane mode icon or you can simply swipe down as it is also available in the control center. Wait for a while and then disable the airplane mode to reset the network of your device.

  1. Via Resetting the Network Settings of your Device

As we just saw earlier, a change in the network settings can cause this issue. Good for you, it is pretty simple to reset the network settings on your device. This may not erase the data stored on your device, but it will delete all of the saved configurations.

Begin by going to the settings option to visit the general settings and select the reset button from there. After you are done, click on the option that says "reset network settings" and you are done.

These are some of the simple ways to fix when AOL is not working on the iPhone.

In case you still have any doubts, you may contact the help and support center of AOL or you can simply visit the website of Datarecovo to get answers to your queries.