Facebook not Responding? Learn How to Fix it

Facebook is serving around 200 billion active users around the world every day. Per day sign into Facebook, login into Facebook and high access activity also come with the occurrence of some error like Facebook APP not Responding.

It could be various reasons resulting in Facebook not opening, they are

  • Facebook is not updated

  • Not enough storage available

  • Cache and cookies are blocking the way

  • Bad internet connection

  • Facebook is shut down 

  • Violated Facebook guidelines


How to fix Facebook not Opening/Responding?


  1. Restart the phone, sometimes power off and on your phone is the simplest way one could fix this problem

  2. Clear cache and cookies that are blocking the proper functioning of Facebook, you can do this by Settings>apps and notification>manage apps>Facebook>storage and cache>clear cache.

  3. Update Facebook frequently can help a lot in avoiding this error as a lot of features and systems don’t work with old and outdated Facebook

  4. Re-install Facebook as sometimes old Facebook generates bugs that disable the proper functioning of Facebook

  5. Clear storage of your phone and make space for smooth and fine working of Facebook

  6. Make sure your internet connection is connected and serving fine.

  7. Check if Facebook is shut down, in that case, all you can do is wait for Facebook to fix their problem and reactivate Facebook properly.

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