How to Fix It When Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting on Windows 10?


Windows 10 is the latest operating system launched by the company. It is hands down the best operating system that has come out till now. Windows has come out with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9 till now. But nothing beats this one. However, this does not mean that it cannot go through problems. The most frequently faced problem is Windows 10 Disconnecting from Wifi. There are many reasons that cause this, one reason could be due to Wifi sense. There is a feature in Windows 10 where it connects to the Wifi quickly. However, it backfires sometimes. It connects to a different Wifi sometimes and gets you disconnected from your previous one.

Power management is another such problem. If you are facing the same problem then read the entire article about how to fix the Windows 10 gets disconnected problem.

Let's get into how can you actually fix when Wifi gets disconnected from Windows 10.

  • Your Wifi should be in the Private setting instead of home. This Wifi setting is a hinderance that people ignore.
  • You must disable WiFi Sense. As we discussed, it can backfire and cause a problem. Disable it and it will solve your Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Windows 10 problem.
  • Start Network Troubleshooter immediately.

Windows 10 already consists troubleshooter, so use it.

I hope you find some solutions in this article if your Wifi Keeps Dropping Windows 10 and you are able to fix it.