How to Login Your Bigpond Email Account?

Are you a newbie or an expert on the world of Bigpond? Do you know what are the basic steps to login your Bigpond email account? If you don't, then read on. You can easily get connected with Bigpond by using Bigpond email account, Bigpond webmail account or any other e-mail service provider.

Login your Bigpond Email Account

  • First step is to register an account with Bigpond e-mail provider or Bigpond webmail account. Once you're registered, you will have to give your user name, password and any other related information that needs to be mentioned. These steps should not take more than five minutes. After this, you will have your own user name in your account.
  • Second step is to go to your e-mail provider or Bigpond webmail account. You will need to click "activate" link on the top right corner of your Bigpond e-mail account or Bigpond webmail account to activate it. By doing this, you can access your e-mail. When it's activated, you will be able to access Bigpond webmail account from any location through internet.
  • Third step is to go to your Bigpond email account. You should see a page with a sender name, which is usually the user name of your account. You should also see a webmail account icon on the page. You should click this icon to access your e-mail in Bigpond webmail account.
  • Fourth step is to enter the webmail address of your friend. In other words, you should type his/her e-mail address into the text box that is on the page of your Bigpond webmail account. Then, you will be asked to confirm the e-mail address. After you have done so, you will be asked to enter the webmail account password. Remember, always memorize your webmail account password. It is very important.
  • Fifth step is to wait for some minutes. You will see an activation verification message on the page. You should click on this message in order to log on to your Bigpond webmail account. When you are successfully logged in to your account, you will see your email content in your inbox.
  • Sixth step is to check your email. You should read your new email. In fact, it will appear as an ordinary message that is delivered to your in-box every day. The good news is that Bigpond allows you to create email aliases. If you are familiar with Microsoft Outlook, you can use aliases when you are trying to learn how to login your bigpond email account.
  • Seventh step is to type the password of your account. In other words, you should know the password of your account before you attempt to input it in the webmail box. You should never write the password on the page where you are entering it.
  • Eighth step is to click on the Save tab after you have typed the password of your account. Then, you should go to the settings section. You should see an option for changing your account password. Follow this step if you want to know how to login your bigpond email account.