Unable to Attach Files in Gmail using Chrome How to Fix?


The best, universally accepted, and reliable emailing service provider Gmail benefits its users with fabulous email features and a large storage capacity. Gmail users can access their email account on any email client. But what happens when your this emailing friend does not respond? 

 Are you unable to attach files to your Gmail email while accessing it via Chrome? Read ahead to know simultaneously troubleshooting possible issues with your Gmail account. 

How to Fix Problems Attaching Files in Gmail? 

Are you facing alerts like Gmail is unable to attach files? Check the solutions given below to troubleshoot Gmail email sending errors

  1.  Add or Update Flash

Check the latest version of Flash on the Adobe Flash page; if you find the update, respond to it quickly. Or if you don’t find the Flash there, install it from the Adobe Flash installer. Now open your browser and go to Settings> Advanced> Settings> Flash> Allow sites. 

  1. Update your Web Browser

Your browser might be the ground issue for Gmail attachment not working errors. Thus, we advise you to make sure you are using an updated version of your current web browser. 

  1. Check your internet connectivity. 

Make sure there is not an interruption in the connectivity.